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Government in the prevention of diseases should increase funding

Some people think it is important for government to spend public money on promoting healthy lifestyle in order to prevent illness than to spend on the treatment of people who are already ill.To what extend do you agree or disagree?

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    Sep 9 2011: I think that one of the fundamental jobs of government is to make life better for the citizens of the country. Since health is one of the primary and basic components of a good life, working together to improve it has a greater value to me than many other projects that government undertakes. We need a new definition of the 'wealth of a country". I think it should be measured in life expectency and health and happiness of its citizens.
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      Sep 10 2011: Especially in my country prevention is less than the treatment of disease ,
      however if government cut the cost of treatment of the sick for whom it is extremely unfair.No matter what the government needs more investment in medical.
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        Sep 10 2011: As government systems evolve I hope that they will all come to realize that their real purpose is to serve their citizens. Many economists are now rethinking the measurement of economies from being simply based on GDP to something more human and humane. Measuring "well=being" which includes access to healthcare and overall longevity is a better way of measuring, I think.
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          Sep 10 2011: Carissima Debra I just remember the words and wisdom from Santa Teresa de Avila:

          "Just when we see the diseases and death as a important part of life, we can live well."

          If the governement can do something about, wellcome...if not...wellcome.
          But the main question is: What do you do for yourself and for your family in order to preserve health and happines?. Remember that your will is just human ,and we all are under the Gods will.
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        Sep 10 2011: What a timely comment for me Luigi. I went to a funeral today and realized that the sorrow must be in proportion because no one gets out of life alive!
        (Saint Teresa de Avila was looking down on the proceedings from a particularly beautiful stained glass window).
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      Sep 10 2011: Debra the main task from authorities is help us to do things well. They are just the governement, not our fathers.

      Health and happines is YOUR personal task.
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        Sep 10 2011: Hello Luigi, Yes, health and happiness are primarily individual responsibilities but everyone needs the help of doctors, hospitals and research scientists at some point in their lives. We live in societies, some more caring than others and the concept that we are responsible to help one another is nothing new. A person who is ill needs the insights, the love and the caring of their fellow man. I am simply suggesting that rather than concentrate on only economic considerations or making war, a better use of tax dollars is to encourage the health of the citizens. Please remember that Italy is already famous for its quality of life. Other countries need to come to the same point.
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          Sep 10 2011: Yes Debra you are absolutely right. Unfortunately other countries dont have our standards. There are a lot of external forces that push the health limits. For example in Mexico thepopulation are growing with obesity as a national disease. They have the highest rate for fat children and that is a national problem in security. All were achieved by consumption of junk food estimulated by northamerican food companies that changes the nutritional habit from almost all mexicans. Here in Italy we keep very aware of the food quality and this is a primary source of health. Also our climate conditions reinforce the quality of life. But also we have other plagues, in other clustersas all the world.
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        Sep 11 2011: Accurately ,that means Mexico ,more effective fiscal measures should be taken in the prevention of obesity ,such as improving the food quality.
  • Sep 9 2011: To extent to which it is energetically favourable/economical to do so. You can go to both extremes, but none of them is very positive.