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Catholicism opposes the equality of women

Catholicism opposes the equality of women. How can men, especially men with a wife, daughters or sons, be members of the catholic church and claim to believe in equality for women?

- Nuns/women are not allowed to own property; Priests/men can.
- Nuns take a vow of obedience. Priests do not.
- Women are not allowed to hold high office within the catholic church. Only men can be priests, pastors, bishops, cardinals or pope.

If actions speak louder than words, what is Catholicism saying about the value of women?

Fair and equal treatment is a requirement of ones perceived value; especially from authority figures.

If, "...we as men, good men, the large majority of men, we operate on the foundation of this whole collective socialization.", how can we be good men and indoctrinate our sons and daughters into an influential community that practices and perpetuates the inequality of women?


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    Sep 20 2011: @Woody Dunkin

    As far as I can tell there is no injustice, but merely you wanting there to be one and have something to rally against. Essentially your arguing against parenting. Why even allow for the existence of parents if we collectively can butt in and tell them exactly how they are to raise their kids? Shall we police what language they can use, what clothing? I mean heaven forbid these "ignorant" parents might prejudice their kid against the latest political cause celebre!

    The only thing I see is you have a problem that a certain society has only male priests. If you don't like Catholicism, don't be Catholic and don't raise your kids to be Catholic. All you are doing is mandating people be like you and conform to your personal political bias simply because they don't fit your vision for how societies aught to be.

    @Jason Kather

    If I saw a couple hitting one another, man hitting woman or woman hitting man, I'd maybe interject and ask why they were fighting but, honestly is it my place to tell them how to run their lives? Plus I don't know what started the fight.

    Second, this isn't exactly comparable as, 1 example is someone attacking someone, another is an institution nobody mandates anyone be a part of.
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      Sep 21 2011: Thank you again for sharing. This debate is about the unequal treatment of women and how the Catholic organization contributes to the perceived value of women in our society. I encourage you to read through the earlier comments. You should see "..only allowing male priests" is not the core issue being debated. If interested, please watch the TED talks that motivated this debate to help you understand the field of debate.

      Also, can you please point out the mandate you reference? If anything was interpreted as a mandate it should be addressed; others may have misinterpreted my position as well.

      Finally, parenting can be a whole separate debate. But, aren't you arguing against parenting, as you said, "Children, when they grow up, can decide to leave their family and their families culture all they like. Until then I suggest you butt out..." ?
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        Sep 25 2011: I contest the notion that there is any unequal treatment and if there is, that it is worth caring about.
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      Sep 26 2011: James I'm a catholic jesuit priest, and I submit the concept that our faith and cult, and also the practices inside are derived from solar cults or mithologies if you want. In lunar cults the woman are the principal focus but not in solar cults. You are right with your appreciation. The notion of equality is nt the same than equilibrium. Men and woman are not equal. In our theological status the Canon is very clear about. So I dont see the problem.
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        Sep 26 2011: I disagree on lunar cults, for example in Japan they worship a Sun Goddess. In some neo-pagan circles the moon is associated with a female deity.
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          Sep 27 2011: James you can disagree on everything you want.

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