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Catholicism opposes the equality of women

Catholicism opposes the equality of women. How can men, especially men with a wife, daughters or sons, be members of the catholic church and claim to believe in equality for women?

- Nuns/women are not allowed to own property; Priests/men can.
- Nuns take a vow of obedience. Priests do not.
- Women are not allowed to hold high office within the catholic church. Only men can be priests, pastors, bishops, cardinals or pope.

If actions speak louder than words, what is Catholicism saying about the value of women?

Fair and equal treatment is a requirement of ones perceived value; especially from authority figures.

If, "...we as men, good men, the large majority of men, we operate on the foundation of this whole collective socialization.", how can we be good men and indoctrinate our sons and daughters into an influential community that practices and perpetuates the inequality of women?


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  • Sep 9 2011: That's really not something new, Muslims and other partiatriarchal establishments are acting in similar manner, it is simply historical artifact of their organized religion system. Let's just start with they are full of bias and contradiction, I would not like to go further on what more I think of organized religion...

    Oh by the way, regarding the nun/priest property (if any), celibacy is there simply to channel wealth to "church" by preventing it's members production of offspring and thus cause annoynces with potential future legal inheritance competition. Nice business model?!

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