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What ingredients do you put into making a CHOICE / DECISION?

When faced with choices in life, decisions- How do you go about making that Choice, is it a moral compass? Is it weighing out the pros and Cons? Desecting the possible end results?


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  • Oct 3 2011: Partially, decisions are made around our subconscious shortcuts (look at marketing strategy and Wal-Mart). I personally look at the pros and cons, what effect this will have and on what/whom, whether the possible outcome is desirable. Does the end result make sense?

    For example, if someone has a discussion about making choices ;-), I weighed the pros (my voice will be heard and possibly taken seriously) against the cons (typing out the response will take some time and require me to think and I might get trolled). There may be an effect and there may not be any at all. A possible outcome is that someone might decide to take a look at my profile and either like or dislike the interests that I have and respond accordingly. Sure, I might be wasting my time with an answer to someone that is simply trolling the internet but to others this might be just the type of insight into the human psyche that they needed.

    Another example might be ordering from McDonald's vs ordering from Subway. I'm on a diet and know that Subway is a far better choice than McDonald's as far as getting vegetable servings and a sandwich that's made right in front of me with less saturated fat and sodium, but I wouldn't want to order a double-meat cold cut combo footlong and a bag of Cheetos vs. a salad from McD's. That just doesn't make sense to someone that's on a diet.

    I hope this answers your question. Have your day however you want it. It is, after all, YOUR day, your decision.

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