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What ingredients do you put into making a CHOICE / DECISION?

When faced with choices in life, decisions- How do you go about making that Choice, is it a moral compass? Is it weighing out the pros and Cons? Desecting the possible end results?


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  • Sep 26 2011: The brain evolved around the function of decision making. Most decisions are made unconsciously, such as bodily regulator functions. Many decisions are made semi-consciously but automatically, such as reflexes and muscle memory. More difficult decisions, which involve weighing a variety of factors, are the reason that the consciousness evolved. The brain observes the environment around it, the environment is then filtered and processed through the brain's hard wiring, and then displayed in the consciousness, which basically acts as a desktop that mediates higher level interaction between the nervous system and the environment. The brain acts a sponge, developing concepts out of stimulus, and then processing all further stimulus based on prior knowledge. When we are born our brain seeks out a platform on which to base it's decisions, this is why young children are very trusting, why they can learn language faster. This is why people brought up in different cultures have different beliefs and would make different decisions in the same situations. Beliefs within cultures can never be exactly homogeneous, because no two persons can every experience the exact same reality, and outside influences also have an effect. However, all humans live out a somewhat similar life experience, and so the societal norms that each community lives by all share common characteristics. This is increasingly true because of the globalization of instant communication. A world culture is forming... Sorry for that digression, let me get back on track. Free will is somewhat of an enigma. On the one hand, since our psychology is a slave to the interplay of environmental influences and our physiology, the choice is never a free one. On the other hand however, the human mind cannot every completely accept that free will does not exist in some form. I know I can't. My advise: tweak your environment to insure the greatest possible input. Then you can make the most informed decisions. I'm out of space

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