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What ingredients do you put into making a CHOICE / DECISION?

When faced with choices in life, decisions- How do you go about making that Choice, is it a moral compass? Is it weighing out the pros and Cons? Desecting the possible end results?


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    Sep 10 2011: Many people make important decisions in their life based on their emotions.

    I never have. Everything I do & say is a logical decision that I made. My emotions don't have a say. lol

    When I look around me, I see people that make decisions that pretty much destroy their lives. They seem happy, but I lack the ability to understand why a person would risk their well-being for what may be a few fleeting moments of happiness?

    Maybe I'm just a sociopath? lol idk.

    I have a friend that will work sixty hours a week, and spend it all. He could pay off his debts, live in a better house and have a better life, but he does whatever it is that fancies him at that particular moment without any regard for the future.

    I've heard it explained as "living in the moment."

    Sure, that's one way to be happy... but from my point of view it's kind of... dare I say... idiotic?
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      Sep 10 2011: all right!!
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        Sep 24 2011: Ciao cara comme stai.? Da Roma, Luigi Vampa.
    • Sep 15 2011: please dare to say it! the only time the truth should be withheld is when there is no evidence that it is in fact the truth.

      i think you have a really good point there too in that it's important to consider future implications of decisions.

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