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What ingredients do you put into making a CHOICE / DECISION?

When faced with choices in life, decisions- How do you go about making that Choice, is it a moral compass? Is it weighing out the pros and Cons? Desecting the possible end results?


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    Sep 9 2011: The outcome of my next step depends on the difference between taking a risk and doing something risky.

    There are circumstances in which we have to take a risk to get what we want, to sacrifice something or put effort into it. If what we have to loose is worth the gain, then it is a choice worth making.
    On the other hand, if the situation is risky, if someone could get hurt, or we are putting our stability in danger for something momentary or not reliable, then the choice is not worth making.

    This is a lesson I learned from my dad, and every day, it helps me to make better choices.

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