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How do you think technology affects the world?

In this century,it is impossible to imagine a person living without making use of technological developments.Many people believe that technology has made a world a better place.However,there are some people who think that the earth is being harmed by technology.


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    Sep 11 2011: sory about my english...
    I think technology make part of the humanity evolution, and it is very powerful.
    When we use this powerful tool with love and good itentions we can make powerful changes in the world.
    Ted conversations is good exemple, with TED we can exchange experiences and together, make a better world.
    congratulations! you are using technology to make good things!
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      Sep 11 2011: it is a good point actually...I think that technology has negative effects as well as positive, like everything
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        Sep 11 2011: I agree with you!
        The humanity is in evolution and in this evolution, only the positives things can survive.

        in this site there are many interesting things about it...I hope you enjoy it!

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