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How do you think technology affects the world?

In this century,it is impossible to imagine a person living without making use of technological developments.Many people believe that technology has made a world a better place.However,there are some people who think that the earth is being harmed by technology.

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    Sep 8 2011: Technology is a vital part to our world or any civilized world.
    Technology by definition is the "practical" application of knowledge. Wheels, Cooking, and Tools.

    Without technology we wouldn't have civilization.
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      Sep 9 2011: you are right but while we try to do a better world,we damage environment.

      I think if we continue damaging the earth , it would not be suitable to develop our civilization
      for example ; global warming causes different kind of disaster.

      what do you think about it?
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    Sep 13 2011: Technology has so many up sides to it. I love living today when life in general is made so much easier and better by technology but like every tool that mankind has ever used, it can be used for good or for bad purposes. We do not have to worry as much about technology as about our own morality in its use.
  • Sep 13 2011: I think it's a simple reflection of society.
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    Sep 12 2011: Actually technology was thought to be to help humans lead a better life instead now the world has changed its direction for gaining money and not helping anyone. Thats why the rich gets richer and poor gets poorer. I just hope TED uses technology for greater good.
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    Sep 11 2011: sory about my english...
    I think technology make part of the humanity evolution, and it is very powerful.
    When we use this powerful tool with love and good itentions we can make powerful changes in the world.
    Ted conversations is good exemple, with TED we can exchange experiences and together, make a better world.
    congratulations! you are using technology to make good things!
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      Sep 11 2011: it is a good point actually...I think that technology has negative effects as well as positive, like everything
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        Sep 11 2011: I agree with you!
        The humanity is in evolution and in this evolution, only the positives things can survive.

        in this site there are many interesting things about it...I hope you enjoy it!
  • Sep 13 2011: Technology is both good and bad. Technology makes people die and live everyday.
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    Sep 11 2011: I think the problem is directly from the branch of the humanities, I doubt that the technologically advanced enough to affect the psychology of the individual or the masses ... I think the problem lies in the wrong pattern to date, we teach the new generations, new technologies ... A complex technology in a hand ignorant can be dangerous; just imagine a chimpanse with a gun.
  • Sep 9 2011: Improves life conditions for humans. Certainly it influences the change of environment, but notion of stationary universe had proven wrong many times... Catastrophies can happen with or without us - just look at past global mass extinctions. You cannot possibly expect human civilization to survive for substantial ammount time if it doesn't develop technologies.
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    Sep 8 2011: I think there's no evil technology or good technology.
    Technology has no meaning itself, I think.

    And how to use technology is important, I think.
    That's the problem and the solution or answer is our responsibility, I think.

    In addition, I'm in positive position in this matter.

    And I'm sorry about my poor English in advance.