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Choosing right friends play a significant role in the developments of children or not.How far do you agree with this view?

Some people say that friends play a big role in the development of a child's personality and success at school.Therefore,parents should closely monitor what kind of people their children are making friends with and help them choose friends.How far do you agree?

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    Sep 9 2011: I used to think that the friends were very important and for the most part I still do. If your child is a good child and they get around a bad influence then they will gravitate towards being bad. drugs, alcohol etc. The idea being that one bad child plus one good child eventually makes 2 bad children. There was an interesting talk on TED, and I wish I could remember the name of the speaker, in which his studies showed that genetics played a large role in growing up and that parenting was a back seat. I remember him commenting that he was shocked that with all the controversial material in his book this one topic was a hot one.

    I am coming to think, putting a child in a stable and well balanced home life, that some of these outside influences will have a more minimal affect. That a child prone to happiness and the arts will be that way raised by me, or by you, as long as we provide the basics of love, food, education etc. But, in the right environment, with the right people (or wrong depending on how you look at it) we can certainly be bent. hmmm. Its making me philosophical as I write this and as I think of my past friends and the choices I could have made.

    Perhaps the underlying personality would be there but the overlay of habits and persona would be different. lets see... maybe the difference between two children, as in the above example, that are comical and prone to the arts. One is light hearted and paints happy pictures the other is comical by picking on friends (redneck humor) and is prone to Goth.

    I think we can all agree that our friends do influence us and most of us have had some bad influences.
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    Sep 8 2011: I agree, but would go even further and say that the environment your kids grow up in will influence their development. Friends are only part of this environment.
    • Sep 8 2011: I agree fully. Who your kids are friends with and the environment they are allowed to be in dramatically influence who they will grow up to be.
  • Sep 10 2011: The child has every right to choose the friends he/she would like unless the friend is a bully.

    I think it is important for parents to monitor their child's behaviour and their friends behaviour when they are together and towards other people around them. If there is a behaviour that the parent doesn't like or it is concerning, the parent should make the child aware of what is appropriate and teach the right actions to follow. If not there will be consequences not only from the parent but the rest of society which may not be so forgiving.

    The child being properly taught will display a changed example and most likley, the friend(s) will follow.
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    Sep 9 2011: I agree that "Choosing right friends play a significant role in the developments of children."
    And I think it's quite important, too.

    But I don't agree that parents should closely monitor to their children.
    I think that interfere should bring more bad consequence.

    I think the best action of parents is just watch their baby and sometimes advice for them.

    Sorry about my poor English.