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Will cloud computing ever make the computer just a network terminal?

Having already grabbed a big part of web service market, cloud-based services are sometimes beleived to be the future of personal computing: instead of a Mac or PC you'll have just a simple platform to run the browser, while all the calculations will be done in the data center.

Do you beleive this to be a real future of computing? Is that OK?


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    Sep 8 2011: I'm not sure of that. First, you couldn't have just a web browser and everything else resides in the cloud. At least not as long as there are risks you lose your internet connection at some point in time. Just look what happens when a hurricane strikes the US. At a sudden, millions are without light (and internet). How do you think that would affect your cloud computing?
    Another concern would be security. I don't really want to have all my stuff residing with some third party that I don't really know much about. Having everything stored in huge data centers increases the risk for disaster. It's like storing 100 % of a country's food supplies in just one warehouse.

    While I do believe that cloud computing will gain traction and actually might be useful for some applications, I don't think it will be the (near) future for computing in general.
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      Sep 9 2011: Even if cloud attains that state all worlds 2nd most populated country can't afford that due to low speed connectivity and people happy with it :) lol
      • Sep 10 2011: Thanks for your opinion!

        However, improving connectivity may be more cost efficient than developing more and more productive consumer hardware. It can also be lead by minor companies, since cable laying is always cheaper than any R&D.

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