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More Music in Schools?

As a firm believer in the power of music to inspire and instill a sense of worth withing people, I want to know what fellow Tedsters believe. It is my experience that music brings out the best in people, it can inspire people to show sides of them that most others would never know about and it has been used in the past by many powers to do just this.

My question is this: As music (especially acoustic music) has the ability to bring out the best in people and genuinely inspire them to make a difference for the better (such as the talks I've tagged), do you think that such music should have a much more prominent place in our schools, especially in the senior years?


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  • Feb 22 2011: I agree with you, Nafissa. I think that listening good music makes us more intelligent and gives us more opportunities in our life. If we listened a good and rich music in our childhood, in the future our personality would be more rich.
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      Feb 22 2011: Music belongs in all our lives. All the time. All the grades. And in the workplace. Music changes lives. It lifts our spirits.It can speak in an international language without words to inspire and elevate and remind us of the primal beat of the heart. Music makes us move, cry and giggle. I am fortunate to work in the arts and on occassion we bring Grammy award-winning musicians (and dancers and actors) into the classrooms. We also invite public, private and home-schooled children to workshops with performers. Those are my favorite "work" days. Teachers are reminded of the joy of trying new things-- when the Turtle Island String Quartet comes and performs not Bach but Dylan/Hendricks with ".. Watchtower." Everyone was inspired and in awe. Music is a kind of alchemy available to all. It can easily be placed in a classroom without a vote by a school board. Start in a modest fashion....just bring in a radio. More music in schools? Absolutely!

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