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I want a career in science, but I am being pushed away by everybody I reach out to.

I have recently decided I want my profession in life to reflect what I love most, rather than money, and that love is science. I am currently in the 7th grade and everywhere I turn, people tell me I am too young to be mulling this over, including my science teacher. I want to have what I want ready for me before I graduate, but no one will help. That is why I turn to you, fellow TEDers. Am I to young for this? I want to change the world. With science. Please help me get there. How do I prepare?


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    Sep 8 2011: It's never too old to learn, vice versa...it's never too young to learn.U have a lot of advantages , U live in an age which internet can provide best education than any school; Ur mother language is English, u can do research without spend a lot of time study a new language like me...

    when it comes to how to prepare, u 'd better read widely when u are young, every scientist is not only scientist, most of them also expert in art or something. one more thing, have a strong body, stay up every night is really really tried.

    A stupid chinese engineering student who just keep writing program for 9 hours...

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