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Are we too quick to write God off of our lives?

I had this thought recently and I would like to share it with the community to see you guy's opinion on the matter. Granted, the topic is a contentious one, but I think the people at TED are mature enough to keep a civilized debate going.

My question is, are we too quick to write God off of our lives?
It seems as though as there is a bias in the scientific community against debating the possibility of a higher creator. Some avoid debating the subject; something that goes head first against the most basic principle of scientific debate. Some go as far as declare atheism is the only logical way to live our lives. The argument is usually based in that:
- God cannot be logically proven
- Evidence that proves evolution has steadily grown over the past century.

Problem is(in my view, and this is where I want to get you guy's opinions)...
- Just because something, in this case God, cannot be proven, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
- Evolution does not automatically deny the existence of God, as that could have easily be the method God used to create us.
(Also, it is worth mentioning that when I say God I do not mean the christian God, but any higher authority that has the power to create us.)

So, are we too quick to write God off of our lives?

Because of Moore's law, we can say with some certainty one day computers will be as fast as a human brain. Let's imagine that somewhere in the future a computer programmer was to program a intelligent being with self awareness capability. For the sake of the discussion, for some reason, the program had no way to probe into our world. What kind of relationship would the program and the programmer have? If one day the programmer wanted to speak to the program, how would they interact under those circumstances? And most importantly, if we are certain that one day we will be able to write such program, what stops a higher being from being able to program us?

Let's keep from quoting religious texts to keep the discussion neutral.

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    Feb 22 2011: Matthieu explained it very well, but still there is something i would ask you for the sake of clarity: What you mean by quick?
    When you say "We" you mean we as "individuals" or we as "society" (since there are some big atheistic communities around the globe at this point)?

    Also, some people in the scientific area just avoid to debate about it because they have done it several times and yet people just ignore their answers and keep saying the same thing over and over, you just need to look some debates to find out the why though (check some people like Ray comfort, William Craig, John Lennox vs Thunderf00t, Dawkins, Hitchens, etc. and you will get it)

    Also, with the occam's razor in the mind, why would you add a creator in the theory of evolution if it doesnt need ones to work out? Also, btw, evolution has nothing to do with the creation or with the appaerance of life, it has to do with the diversity of life.

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