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How can we improve the communication between teachers and parents in regards to the childs education progress?

I have an idea and would like your opinion on whether it would work and be beneficial to all stakeholders? And how to tackle the security issues?

"In our contemporary society, parental involvement in their children’s education is declining due to the constant pressures faced by working parents. This lack of communication between parent/s and the child's teacher can have detrimental impact on the child’s academic and social growth.

With the introduction of a 'software Program', teachers and schools can allow access to parents child’s performance, behaviour and concerns through an online portal.
Proposed Benefits:

•Up to date information about child’s progress with centralised and historic results.
•Flexibility in access to results, allowance for video conference parent teacher meetings.
•Feel more connected to school, and in touch with child’s performance.

•Ease load of report writing with less manual record keeping.
•Real time monitoring of student performance so no kids are left behind.

•Eases tracking of KLA coverage.
•Ensures all children are monitored and do not fall behind – identifies special needs.
•Reduced costs and paper consumption for report printing.
•Increase communication with parents.
•One centralised system to handle all functionality.

The Bigger Picture is for all stakeholders to have access to tools that provide better educational support for:
•Students learning.
•Teachers teaching.
•Schools to meet their curriculum objectives.
•State and Federal Governments to provide means to support their Educational policies.
•Collectively providing better education for young Australians and for a better future for Australia (Economy).

What are your ideas? how can this be improved?

  • Sep 12 2011: Thanks for your reply Silvia. Will take that on board.
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    Sep 7 2011: Yours sounds like a good plan and I can only add more face to face communication between the two sides - parents and teachers.