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How can I decide what to do with my life?

I am a senior in high school, and I love learning. Just about everything interests me. My main interests include: robotics and automation, computers(software and hardware), chemistry, physics(mostly quantum physics), engineering, philosophy, and psychology.. I just don't know how I can just choose one! Or even a couple. I am looking for any kind of advice

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    Sep 8 2011: i have the exact same problem aboslutely everything interests me
  • Sep 7 2011:

    You can also go for Eliezer Yudkovsky's Sequences on LessWrong to find an inspiration for yourself.
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    Sep 7 2011: KEEP THINKING :)
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    Sep 7 2011: Artificial intelligence?
    That includes a lot of your interests (if not all)!
  • Sep 8 2011: Hey, thanks for the encouragement!

    @ Christophe: Tell me more about AI, I've actually been pretty interested in it lately.
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      Sep 8 2011: Artificial intelligence encompasses current themes from:
      Psychology... As you need to have an idea of what we understand by non artificial, human intelligence (so cognitive and neurobehavioral sciences are a good way towards AI) Also neuronal network modelling is quite interesting.
      Cybernetics: information theory and complexity theory are fundamental to understanding how Information works and is processed...
      Philosophy: You will come with direct questions concerning theory of mind and epistemology (althoug I think Cybernetics is the better teacher)
      Robotics and automation are needed for programs to run and operate
      Computers and software: obviously

      Anyway: the solution towards AI is self learning algorithms, and that leads you to Bayesian statistics.

      I think we can add some leads towards chemistry and physics, as on a very basic level, you'll need to have nano-scale insight on data-transmission. some molecules have neat properties you might want to understand.

      AI is something I like to think about on a theoretical level... my programming skills (and processing power of my pc) are quite low... but if you ever want to join on a startup: let me now, I've got some wild ideas ;-)
      • Sep 10 2011: Okay, sounds great! I am all about theoretical-ness.. Warning though, I have some wild ideas too :)
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    Sep 7 2011: What your heart is telling try listen that and decide......yes I am talking about what your key passion try to sort that out
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    Sep 7 2011: Try out new things. I started working as a student and this helped me a lot to find what I really want to do and what brings me joy as a job. It may be something you haven't even thought of.
    Experimenting with your skills can be beneficial. Two years ago I got a camera as a Christmas present and I can't get enough of taking pictures since then.
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    Sep 7 2011: By making the first step towards a decision that you will follow through, whatever it may be. What do you love the most to do : laugh, run, write, read, exercise...try to see whats make you the most happy.

    When you decide on that, you look for ways to get there : get book at the library, search the Internet, ask question that have the same interest, go to school about it, do free job that will give you experience on it...until you make a living out of it, this is the best money that you will earn, because you be doing something that you love....

    Just make the decision of what you love, and take the steps, actions to accomplish that goal....Have while doing it, and help someone along the way!!!

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    Sep 7 2011: Go to college don't declare your major right away, wait for the light to turn on and head towards it.