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There should be a form of TED within schools, like an afterschool club, for young people to discuss ideas in a friendly environment.

If we can get creativity sparked in kids and teens from school age, then they would be able to discuss ideas more easily when they grow older, and I can't think of where more imaginative ideas could come from than the boundless imaginations of children. What do you think of this idea? Do you think that it would be successful? How would you improve on it?

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    Sep 7 2011: This has been addressed successfully by the TEDxTokyo community in Tokyo through the TEDxTokyo YZ community. They do regular activities under the TEDxTokyo umbrella and spirit with kids without the formal setting or structure of a TEDx event. More info at:

    I can put you in contact with Ryuta Aoki and Naho Iguchi, who actively promote the the TEDxTokyo YZ activities and children engagement.
  • Sep 7 2011: That's certainly a great idea.
    I think it's important to promote the whole TED message of spreading ideas and creativity.
    There is a small issue however, which I can demonstrate with a real life example.
    A few weeks ago, I sent a friend (a 20 year old female), the link to, and encouraged her to watch some talks. Now this is someone who usually seems interested in educated conversation, but I was met with the response of, "It doesn't seem like my kind of thing." Sadly most young people are more interested in mindless entertainment at the moment, than actively engaging in educational/creative discussion on topics that make a difference in the world.
    I guess this is most likely caused by school environments that scare children away from anything involving deep, logical thought.