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Managing the unseen in people.

Is neglecting or ignoring men's natural spirituality a good idea? In the time of boundless knowledge and incredible prosperity why do we still face stange and even ludicrous events in modern men, fueled by his damaged or underdeveloped spirituality? Is the fact that the spiritual is not seen by our eyes a good enough reason to discard it with mockery or ignore it with unexplainable fear and superstiotion. Why not get to know it better and be complete?


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    Sep 8 2011: The topic of this thread — "Managing the Unseen in People" — worries me. It sounds as if you are asking people to step in an deal with the spiritual pursuits of other people. I would not want to live in one of those countries that thinks it has the duty to do that.

    I prefer the way things are done in most secular countries: if somebody has a spiritual urge they are permitted to pursue it without limitation, as long as they do not harm or unreasonably inconvenience anybody else.

    Some of these countries DO impose an extra limitation: the person is supposedly "safeguarded" from harming themselves. Such countries will, for example, outlaw entheogenic drugs. As long as it doesn't hurt or unreasonably inconvenience other people (and the practice is not imposed on children), I think such limitations are misguided.
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      Sep 8 2011: Dear Mr. Campbell thank you for your input in the middle paragraph. I believe that is the most valuable part of it. This debate is not to impose anything on anyone - just to see the way people understand spirituality. I for one am very curious to talk about that with people from different countries, religions and understandings. So please refrain from making any negative inputs and implications, which are also not in turn with the topic.

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