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Managing the unseen in people.

Is neglecting or ignoring men's natural spirituality a good idea? In the time of boundless knowledge and incredible prosperity why do we still face stange and even ludicrous events in modern men, fueled by his damaged or underdeveloped spirituality? Is the fact that the spiritual is not seen by our eyes a good enough reason to discard it with mockery or ignore it with unexplainable fear and superstiotion. Why not get to know it better and be complete?


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    Sep 8 2011: That is a great question Allan (if I may). I believe man's spirituality is not part of any religion but a part of the very person. There are so many different understandings. Maybe that is why it is so hard to talk about this topic and be sure you are on the right track. From my experience I believe that just as our natural bodies and our mental abilities it develops as we grow older. Spiritual freedom is of importance just as great as physical freedom and as James Kindler said, it is to be celebrated. I am a Christian but I have become that as a way of escaping serious spiritual problems - it was my remedy. I would not otherwise have become one. I have become aware about many things that helped me recover in the church which changed my way of seeing things and I learned better after that and grew more confident in my spirit I would say. With this conversation I would like to see other people's beliefs and understandings about our spirit and how to keep it healthy and free. There is always something to learn and I enjoy sharing my own experience.

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