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What is the single most important question that the youth of this era need to ask themselves?

The youth of today are growing up in a completely different world from their parents and grandparents. With all the technology, media, and economic problems of today, it makes me wonder about the questions that the youth should ask themselves.

What do you think is the single most important question that the youth need to ask themselves? What was a question you wish you would've asked your younger self?

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  • Sep 6 2011: Who am I?
    In all this media noise it's quite easy to loose yourself and become one of the crowd. Sefldefining is the first step to get to know the world, it builds confidence and clears up mind. I think its that. Who am I?
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      Sep 6 2011: I think this is a question everyone ends up asking-- not specific to our generation. However, I think the media we have today multiplies the importance of it. The media has become overpowering in that it effectively touches and influences the lives of every youth in our society.
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        Sep 6 2011: Great question roman, & good point Luke!

        The media has made a lot of these questions seem more important and urgent for today's youth to answer. Why is that?
        • Sep 6 2011: Youth are more vulnerable to bad influences of unfiltered information. And theres more of it these days. The selves are diluted in it.
          We're much of what people makes us. In our parents/grandparents world most of the environment was family, home and neighborhood and now theres this Globalization thing.
          I'm sorry I can't find words for my thoughts, as I'm in the middle of learning English, actually.
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          Sep 6 2011: Media can influence a child's ideas of what matters; for example, a shoe company can convince a child that its shoes will make him (or her) freakin' cool. This idea can seed a very materialistic lifestyle. In reality, it's hundreds of companies doing this meddling-- amid fragile child development.

          Another example is the similar effects of reality television on youth my age. It exposes its viewers to an alluring pseudo-reality and influences the behavior of youth.

          In effect, media (the media, social-media, television, advertisement) deeply affects the identity of children and youth. Because of this, it is crucial that the youth today determine what is important to themselves and understand who they are, not who they're molded into being.
        • Sep 6 2011: Luke I see we think alike. I meant the same thing just you put it in better words.
          Now the question is what comes first, defining yourself or filtering out bad influences so that they don't harm you affecting your self?
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          Sep 6 2011: I also agree that the media is a huge problem for the young. I think what needs to be realised is that the problems they see broadcasted to them have always been there...always and not only have we survived but flourished. It now seems more condensed by the media, covering stories from every corner of the world and sensationalizing it. I am suggesting building emotional resilience in the face of the negative media monster. I grew up not having the problems of the world on my shoulders. Todays young have to deal with violence both local and global and are even pressured to take responsibility for the environment and future of this planet. I feel it is unaceptable emotional pressures placed on growing impressionable minds before they have developed the managing mechanisms of maturity.

          To the parents of young children: in my opinion get them away from the tv and media. Let them enjoy thier young precious years of chidhood, let them dream and play in the dirt. Help them to have playful adventures and most of all teach them love and therefore respect. Dont enable/empower them to deal with adult concepts...after all, thats what adults are for. It is our job and we must not shirk from it by misdirecting the responsibility. We owe at least that much to our children.

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