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Any creative and cost effective ways for Human waste management in a rural community?

I am currently starting up a project building toilets for families in a rural community. Some of the families do not have toilets, some do but are having serious problems with their septic tanks. They are getting full and have been built with nowhere for the waste to go. Does anyone know any ways that the waste can be used in an effective way for these families. I have taken interest in Olatunbosun Obayomi and his work in creating waste into Biogas. If there are any other ideas out there?

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    Sep 8 2011: Ross, you are lucky, you are sitting at the cradle of Permaculture. Check out the material written by Bill Mollison (easy to find on the internet). The permaculture concept also talks a lot about waste management. The best would be to get your hands on "Permaculture - a designer's manual" by Bill Mollison.
    There you might even find a lot of other good ideas for rural communities.
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    Sep 6 2011: Biogas is really good idea, another is using those waste as natural fertilizer, Nature will not be burdened with chemical fertilizer than to some extent.