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A systematic process to improve the education scenario in small cities in India

SSC (10th standard) and HSC (12th standard) are the turning points in school education in India. In SSC the student decides the stream which he/she is going to study further i.e. Science, Arts etc. And after 12th the colleges or the professional courses starts. The students needs proper guidance to take right decisions at both events in his education. In small cities/towns in India the students are not much aware of the career prospects and neither they get proper guidance to take decisions. They generally take decisions based on trends like selecting engineering or medical studies are the most common trends.

I have tried something to change this scenario. I formed a group of students from my home city (Sawai Madhopur, a small district in Rajasthan), who were in elite institutes like IITs, IIMs, premier medical institutes etc. We all were studying in different parts of the country. What we did was, whenever we visited our homes in vacations etc. we went to the local coaching classes to guide the students. For example, if I am studying in any IIT, then I will go to the coaching students where I will find the engineering aspirant i.e. match or physics coaching classes, and will solve the queries of the students and guide them for better decisions. Like-wise all of us tried to help the students in the respective streams.

This was not a tough job, neither it was taking much of our time and we were contributing substantially. If this can be started in as much cities as we can, we can create an impact.

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  • Jul 5 2011: That is a highly commendable initiative. Its great to see that your are helping guide young kids on how to go about pursuing their future interests.
    But another question that beckons is " What about the kids who are confused?". I know for a fact that there are many children who have no idea what career, area of interest they want to take up as a source of income for the future. These kids need counselling to help them understand what they can pursue or even want to pursue. Do you come across any such kids? If yes, what do you advice them?
  • May 5 2011: Impressive thought and good initiation. Hope your team will cover most of the cities in India. Even I faced lots of difficulties while taking the decision for my higher education due to lack of awareness and I went based on trend. We also a team of 10 friends studied different parts of Andhra pradesh - India and took similar kind of initiation. If am not wrong, these days students who are studying in cities, most of them have an idea on their career and goals so our aim is to motivate and advice guidelines to students studying in villages and remote ares. Monthly twice, we used to visit Government schools/colleges (massive strength) to help them to choose there career paths and financial funding for poor students form Guys4hotscripts foundation.

    Good luck to your team...!!
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    Feb 25 2011: Dear Naveen,
    This is a great idea, I agree with your view and I appreciate it.
  • Feb 23 2011: Hi Naveen ,
    That is a nice thought , towards educating the aspirants , giving them knowledge on the pitfalls we have faced and leading them to a right perspective , I agree on this and would do the same .
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      Apr 8 2011: Hi Pratik,

      Thanks for the appreciation. Please share your views on how can we execute it on massive scale, reaching out to more regions?

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    Feb 22 2011: I believe your 'question' is a very important one, for everyone no matter where they live on the planet or in what size of community. Starting at the earliest ages, i feel a SPACE needs to be created for a person to be able to experience a safe free private SPACE just to experience the essential nature of oneself...a place where meditation or dance or screaming or singing or 'whatever' can be fully totally and completely experienced with total freedom from judgement or input from others. Discovering the essential nature of oneself is paramount and the foundation of all education.

    Then there needs to be a life long experience of participating in a social a nightly bon fire dance where people get to mix and mingle and play together in order to 'intuitively' know what relationships one is attracted towards and away from is RELATIONSHIPS of open honest loving caring mixing of GENIUSNESS that co-creates and co-designs new ways of perceiving oneself that brings blissful change to all aspects of life on the planet.

    Good luck. Dance a lot.