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Name one thing you've learned from another TEDster.

Is there one chunk of knowledge, big or small, that you've acquired from a fellow TEDster? Try to mention one particular instance of this rather than a general comment on the contribution of TEDsters as a whole.


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    Sep 10 2011: Hello Matthieu,

    I've been on a bit of hiatus here, but it's nice to come back to such an interesting topic on the first page of TEDConv!

    What I've learned from TEDsters, particularly you in many cases actually, is that even a heated debate/argument/disagreement is an opportunity to have an honest and interesting conversation. It's unfortunate, but I don't think it's a common practice anymore that adversity is seen as an opportunity for growth, learning and necessary expansion. Particularly adversity connected to conversation. Yet I come here to TEDConversations and I don't always agree with everybody, but, because I've come here to learn, I can accept the adverse conversations as neutral and necessary lessons.

    It's a relief actually! I would hate to not be able to coexist with people I don't always agree with...I'd be limiting myself to a very small territory if I did I'm sure.


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