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social worker, Dr Susan Smith McKinney Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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Pls. support TED Speaker Jessica Jackley's organization called kiva.org connecting people who need a small loan with people who can lend.

I loved this talk by Jessica Jackley called Poverty, money --and love and went immediately to the organization she founded called Kiva.org and just made 10 microloans to help 9 groups of women and their families to buy items they need to start businesses in agricultural farming and sewing. One other family was helped to build a house for themselves. The people I assisted were from Mali, Cambodia, Paraguay and Senegal!

I then established a team and I created a kiva team website page.

I encourage others to go to http://www.kiva.org to join in and make a micro-loan in any amount, large or small to someone who needs a break and is willing to pay you back as soon as they can. You may help lend money to more and more people if you would like to repeat the process again and again now or once you get repaid. If you want to establish your own team its very easy to do.

Lending is lots of fun! It is very exciting to see how something so small can grow into something so large. 7 of the 10 groups that I lent money have already met their goal and received all the funds they needed from a collection of several microlenders like myself. I'm sure within a few days the other 3 groups will raise the full amount of the loan they require to achieve their goals. This is really great. It just proves together we can change the world!

If you know of anyone who is really in need of a loan that can really change their life for the better they can apply on the website to obtain a loan as well. I will spread the word to the people having a connection with victims of tragedies and encourage them to register for assistance.

Please help people change their lives with a micro loan of money to fund their dreams.

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    Sep 20 2011: Michelle, there are also other websites that's involved in crowdsourcing. How can we integrate these other movements and see more of our great ideas into action?
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