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What subjects do you think you should be taught at school nowadays?

I think a basic knowledge of plumbing and house and car maintenance would be essential, as well as lessons in the cost of living.


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    Sep 14 2011: I Think Context need to be incorporated into the class room, I said this because as a university student my self, I know that I learn(and more importantly retain) knowledge I get to use with in a proper context. Just memorizing knowledge or learning "just because" your told to has been very ineffective for me and numerous(though not all) children. I also feel that Children who can retain knowledge with out better context would still befit by see know it can be used passed a purely academic sense.

    I'd also like to see a "Problem solving" class where kids are given(or better yet placed in) situations where they feel some pressure. For example there could be an interactive multi-player game where student mange part of a castle, or a town, and student need to work together to achieve goals for improving there digital community and learn way of responding to unexpected trouble.

    Finally I would like to see discussions of emotions from a fairly early age all through out high(secondary) school so that students learn way of dealing with stress, anger. sadness. depression With any luck it could lead to open discussions, and allow students(particularly boys) to voice there feeling more often, and be more comfortable about themselves.

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