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What subjects do you think you should be taught at school nowadays?

I think a basic knowledge of plumbing and house and car maintenance would be essential, as well as lessons in the cost of living.


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    Sep 11 2011: Some subjects I think should be taught could be Global studies, I'm not sure whether a lot of schools have it already but the School I'm going to introduced it this year. It's about discussing matters that involve the whole world, climate change, religious wars etc. About learning other cultures and other ways of life that people live in a place so different from your won. A Social Skills program could be really helpful to those kids that aren't very social and because of that are outcasts or being bullied. Besides Social skills are very important in life. And maybe something along the lines of a creativity program that is not limited to just art but can include any form of creativity e.g. Writing, thinking out of the box, solving problems, coming up with new daring ideas. Just some ideas of mine.

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