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What makes difference between low-income people (or people living in poverty) and the others (or people who do not live in poverty)?

What can we do to end the world poverty? If you are not living in poverty, think what brought you to where you are. Why poor people have become poor? Is it because your parents were not poor? Is it because the ways you think are different? I think here lies some answers to how to end the world poverty.


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    Sep 7 2011: I think it's not their(poor people) fault.
    There are many causes to their poor condition.
    Like nation, ethnicity,their parents, their education level, or etc.
    Of causely, there are their inadequacy.

    If one man has been failed in business, there's many causes.
    So that's not entirely his fault.

    Likewise, Steve Jobs is great entrepreneur,
    but his success is not entirely come from his greatness, I think.

    Consequently, I think there is some important factor, coincidence.

    I apologize for my poor English.
    • Sep 7 2011: I agree. Why Steve Jobs isn't African? Because Africans are dumber? No, it's because there's no means for a Steve Jobs to come up with Mac in Africa.
      It's easier to drive a car on a highway then walk through the desert.

      Jang hun don't apologize, your English is pretty decent.

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