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Music publishers should release and sell versions of albums with the lead guitar (or other instrument) missing.

I play electric guitar and quite often this is with backing tracks such as slow blues in A, or even rock songs like Back in Black by ACDC. This means I can improvise over a backing track or try to play the original solo over it.

Wouldn't it be better though if I could buy a version of the original recording but one that does not contain the lead guitar? So if the original album is, say, £10, then maybe the download version without guitar could be £4.

Any musicians out there who think this would be a good idea - does it already exist - and if so how would we go about making it happen?



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  • Sep 7 2011: Some artists have done this - for example Steve Vai released "Naked Tracks", five cds of his music without lead/melody guitar.
    The trouble as some have already mentioned is that there is not much of a market for it. Some artists, such as Steve Vai, however do understand this and so provide such a product to their fans, but it's usually guitar-centric artists that do so.
    As an alternative, if you've ever played Guitar Hero, you'll know that the songs shipped with it have a rhythm track and lead guitar track seperate.

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