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Ending Racial Prejudice and Racism in Europe

In last few years Racism in European countries is increasing significantly. Xenophobic mentality is uprising, and in my opinion no one is giving priority to it. I'm living in Spain, and many political parties are using immigrants as their primary argument in upcoming elections to get votes

What should be done in this scenario?

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    Sep 5 2011: Countries that experience economic hardship have several resulting symptoms in common, and often times the symptoms are of the type that you surface with this post. Whether it's an increase in crime or a decrease in disposable income, human nature is to place blame on that which they don't relate to.This is the type of behavior that results in oppression toward minorities and extremism.

    What to do about it? Harness the energy that's created and channel it toward something productive. If people used the energy created from fear, anger, and resentment toward creating something, rather than destroying, a much better outcome would result. I would suggest inviting people from all walks of life to create focus groups, think tanks, and other organizations of the like in your community. Build something, start a program, do something productive and people will learn to live better by thinking together.
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      Sep 5 2011: Thanks for your reply, but the real problem are politicians who are playing with this situation. and doing so they are making distance between communities. Considering, major groups in these countries are political parties, it seems rather difficult to build something which can effect whole nations mentality. We DO have organizations like "SOS Racism", but people hardly let approach a new idea. Anyways, I really appreciate your thoughts
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        Sep 5 2011: A neighborhood in the city that I live in managed to reduce it's crime rate by 20% over a one year period by joining the community in protest to crime. Now, I'm not saying they eliminated crime, but they did at least manage to change the minds of some would-be criminals. I'm using this as an example because you can't underestimate the importance of voicing an opinion. If people get used to racism, they may see it as a norm. If people get used to peace, tranquility, kindness and compassion, they may see that as a norm.

        Politicians can only wield power if they have a foundation that supports them. If you have like minded individuals, people that are opposed to racism just as much as you are, then use that as a foundation for yourself.

        Just a thought.
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    Sep 5 2011: Xenophobia is a serious problem in all parts of Europe today. Extreme right-wing parties promoting hatred against migrants and minorities are represented in several national parliaments. In some countries, they also influence government policies. Unfortunately, some other political parties have redefined themselves in order not to be outflanked by the extremists – with the effect that xenophobic positions have become rather “mainstream”. The result is continued discrimination, inter-communal tensions and segregation.
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      Sep 5 2011: Thanks for your reply

      Do you think anything can be done in such circumstances?
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    Sep 5 2011: Why in Europe only it should end from everywhere if we really want to claim to be humane.

    That's one of the weaknesses of democracy I see, in different country politicians are counting on those "Vote Banks" for their own benefit in the name of religion, color, country of origin what not..........

    I really feel ashamed when someone claims human being is the best species............when it's threat to all other species including it's own species.
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    Sep 5 2011: I don’t know of other European countries but the UK is turning into something else. As far as politicians are allowed to use whatever they like to gin-up votes – prejudice and xenophobia will likely be hidden under immigration control.