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In the debate about whether God exists or not, there is a third possibility: that "God" does exist, but only within our brains.

In recent years, neuroscience has greatly expanded our understanding of the fabulous capabilities of our brains, especially our subconscious minds. This is made dramatically apparent when computer scientists try to duplicate things humans find easy like vision, speech, inference, etc. (e.g., IBM's Watson Jeopardy-winning super computer).

Isn't it possible that spirituality springs from our subconscious brain as it bridges between the outside world and our conscious minds; that the only truly supernatural force is us - our conscious minds? Isn't a jet airliner flying at 35,000 feet across the Atlantic at nearly the speed of sound a better "supernatural" accomplishment than a burning bush?

As I suspect you will agree, this is a very rich and complicated topic, but perhaps by working together, we can begin to establish a case for it, or against it!


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  • Mar 7 2011: God exists in our brains when we want Him to. Or rather when we want It to.....
    How any of our opinions here unfold should briefly begin with how we as the individual defines who or what God is.
    From my studies, research, experiences and affiliations( which i find credible on a personal level where you may not), God to is a form of energy. An energy source to be precise. Not a big bearded man commonly illustrated similar to that of Zeus. I shall continue to refer to this energy source as God.
    Is God in our Brains?
    Yes he is. When we pray, plead for divine mercy/intervention, guidance and so on, our brains(or rather the mind) taps into the cosmic energy. This is the sole purpose for people who practice forms of meditation. The mind acts as an antenna to tap into the surrounding cosmic energy given off by God(Satellite).
    This cosmic energy then is absorbed into our minds and souls and gives us the calmness and the ability to sub-conciously think clearer which would then help to solve issues.
    This all may seem like i am trivialising the idea of God, however this is only because i have very briefly touched on what i actually know. Dwell deeper into the divine and it would simply fascinate.!

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