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meteors and the earth

I was watching a show on the discovery channel about earth being hit and they were trying to come up with solutions. Well one solution that was rejected was blowing it up they say blowing it up would be more disastrous than the meteor it self plus we don't have the capability of sending a missile that far into space yet. Now this is where I'm puzzled there's no gravity in space and everything is weightless so a bomb exploding say 500 feet away from it should creat enough force to push the meteor in a completely different direction. Now about sending a missile there we can land a probe on a asteroid, and send robots to mars but we can't send a missal with a bomb into space so I guess what I want to know is am I an idiot or are these shows on the discovery channels a bunch of hog wash?


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    Sep 6 2011: Ok I guess maybe the bomb theory might not work if the force from the explosion can not go anywhere, but what about the probe we landed on that one asteroid couldn't we do that only put a jet pack on it like I said it would not take much force to move one even one the size of a city considering it don't weigh nothing in space anyway.

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