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Scientific research on the ancient yogic/spiritual idea of kundalini and study its effect on consciousness and physiology ..

Consciousness is the next frontier in science. Not really as far as some of the esoteric spiritual traditions all around the world is concerned .. Be it shamanic traditions, the tradition of the yogis in India, or the Qi traditions in China . These traditions have one single thing in common, other than the strong foundation of values required.. it is the mystic's path or the internal focus of one's awareness so that one's consciousness is turned upon oneself ..

The "mystic" then begins to experience shifts in consciousness, and experience physiological symptoms of subtle energy motion. The ancient yogis have called this process, as awakening of kundalini or simply kundalini. The chinese have referred to it as the heavenly spine ( or something like that ) The shamanic traditions have also acknowledged similar symptoms. And now, with the onset of commercial yoga, there are more and more kundalini awakenings happening all over the globe.

The idea I am proposing is to promote scientific research on Kundalini. There are many individuals who have completed their kundalini process, and are giving guidance to those with awakened kundalini in different spiritual traditions all over the world. They can be sought for co-operation. The scientific and physiological effects of the kundalini awakening need to be studied. The yogis have techniques known as kriyas. But with awakened kundalini, the initiate who have no knowledge of any of these "kriyas" begin to do complex and moving full body kriyas, which is truly amazing. This is like saying that a kindergarten student was solving a major equation of relativing in yoga, without learning anything about Einstein.

This idea is to study the phenomenon of Kundalini scientifically. I am definitely interested in this. If you feel this idea resonates with you, do no hesitate to contact me directly via email .

Thank you


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    Sep 29 2011: Well, being a scientist myself, I would certainly investigate ideas, evidence, research, etc... that do not support my theory. The scientific method of course is all about that. TKV Desikachar's father, Krishnamacharya taught Pattabhi Jois, Iyengar, Mohan, Indra Devi and many more people, including his son, TKV Desikachar. He was a sanskrit scholar, an Ayurvedic master and a very advanced yogi. Desikachar is also a pretty intelligent man. I don't think that saying "didn't know what he is talking about" is very much in the spirit of scientific discussion, if that is what you are intending to pursue. Surely this is a chance to do some interesting research into other ideas than your own?

    I'm not saying your hypothesis is right or wrong, just that there are others out there, and your research is not scientific or complete if you only acknowledge resources and cases that agree with your own ideas.
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      Sep 29 2011: I agree with the idea of scientific inaccuracy possible in what I have mentioned in my reply .. I agree with that ... The only evidence I cite in my argument is that my familiarity with people with awakened kundalini within a spiritual tradition where the main path involves kundalini .. And I have witnessed kundalini in action .. And simply can't deny the intelligent energy in play I have witnessed myself ... So I can never agree to an idea that kundalini is another obstacle in the spiritual path .. The only way it can be considered to be an obstacle is when one is obsessed with this idea, and not allowing the actual process to happen by sticking to one's own misconceptions which one will have to deal with ..

      I agree with what you said, that other ideas are out there .. But to be honest, I simply don't see any value in such an idea having witnessed it in action myself.. But thank you for letting me know about this .. And no .. I didn't intend any personality attack on TKV .. But simply mentioned that perhaps he hasn't seen real life kundalini in action ..
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      Sep 29 2011: Marie .. I wanted to clarify and possibly share with you what kind of kundalini action I have seen .. Do see the links below to really see kundalini in action .. I have been fortunate enough to see this and have a guru to put a good perspective on how to deal with kundalini by knowing about the process ..





      You see all this evidence, and how can you say Kundalini is an obstacle when its actually playing out the process on its own, using the inherent intelligence it has ? TKV mustn't have seen this .. If he has, I would be curious to know what solutions he would have proposed ?

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