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Scientific research on the ancient yogic/spiritual idea of kundalini and study its effect on consciousness and physiology ..

Consciousness is the next frontier in science. Not really as far as some of the esoteric spiritual traditions all around the world is concerned .. Be it shamanic traditions, the tradition of the yogis in India, or the Qi traditions in China . These traditions have one single thing in common, other than the strong foundation of values required.. it is the mystic's path or the internal focus of one's awareness so that one's consciousness is turned upon oneself ..

The "mystic" then begins to experience shifts in consciousness, and experience physiological symptoms of subtle energy motion. The ancient yogis have called this process, as awakening of kundalini or simply kundalini. The chinese have referred to it as the heavenly spine ( or something like that ) The shamanic traditions have also acknowledged similar symptoms. And now, with the onset of commercial yoga, there are more and more kundalini awakenings happening all over the globe.

The idea I am proposing is to promote scientific research on Kundalini. There are many individuals who have completed their kundalini process, and are giving guidance to those with awakened kundalini in different spiritual traditions all over the world. They can be sought for co-operation. The scientific and physiological effects of the kundalini awakening need to be studied. The yogis have techniques known as kriyas. But with awakened kundalini, the initiate who have no knowledge of any of these "kriyas" begin to do complex and moving full body kriyas, which is truly amazing. This is like saying that a kindergarten student was solving a major equation of relativing in yoga, without learning anything about Einstein.

This idea is to study the phenomenon of Kundalini scientifically. I am definitely interested in this. If you feel this idea resonates with you, do no hesitate to contact me directly via email .

Thank you


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    Sep 28 2011: Hi Santhip,

    what do you think about TKV Desikachar who follows his fathers teachings, Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, and who says that Kundalini is an obstacle?


    (See "heart of Yoga")
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      Sep 28 2011: Hi Marie,

      I don't agree with his interpretation .. Kundalini is acknowledged to be a process of internal purification which sometimes is associated with energetic movements intended to remove all the energetic, mental , emotional and intellectual blockages .. It is the hallmark of a spiritual path ..

      TKV Desikachar seems to think that prana is the only energy that matters .. The difference between Prana and Kundalini is that Kundalini is an intelligent energy , which removes all the blockages on its own, to the point where it can cause spontaneous yoga postures to happen even if the one with an awakened kundalini doesn't know yoga at all .. I have seen this .. TKV doesn't seem to have any kind of reasoning for this ... Instead he has twisted the definitions so as to associated all the impurities with kundalini, and all the other intelligence with just movement of prana , which is clearly not the case ... ( this link explains what kundalini force is in detail http://www.himalayanacademy.com/resources/books/mws/mws_ch-38.html , the one practice which I found to be very beneficial but haven't seen in this website is focusing on the Heart center or the seat of the atman )

      Another thing which comes along these line is that prana isn't the end of things .. There is manomaya kosha, anandamaya kosha, and jnanamaya kosha .. ( see kosha in wikipedia ) .. TKV doesn't seem to acknowledge that ... I am sure he didn't have seen a real kundalini awakening involving spontaneous asanas ... Perhaps the reason why he didn't talk about kundalini was how people would chase kundalini in order to gain spiritual powers rather than aim for spiritual progress .. Other than that, I would have to say that this TKV didn't know what he was talking about ..

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