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Massage is an essential aspect to healing both physically and emotionally. Massage has a direct effect on the central nervous system.

As a massage therapist I have seen the true recovery in someone with regular appropriate massage care. There is a great deal of education that needs to go into making a true Massage Therapist, but the fact remains that there is true benefit when it is done by a true healer. Someone who has taken the Art of Healing to new heights and continues to research all walks of health(care) and well being. The care aspect, which seems to have been lost in translation with western medicine these days, is the most essential component. but is largly overlooked for either surgery, or pharmacology. The truth of the matter is that "rubbing" a sore shoulder is going to ACTUALLY help it to heal. Icing the injury is going to ACTUALLY help it to heal. But taking a pain medication masks the symptoms- or more accurately, the Nervous Systems Response to the pain. Meaning that it is effecting more that a simple "pain symptom" and does untold erreverseable damage to our organs, most importantly our brain. Massage is a non-invassive, gentle, therapeutic, focused treatment, that can have outstanding effects on someone as long as they have an educated therapist. There are many aspects to achieving ultimate health, especially diet and strengthening. But I truly believe that massage is an essential aspect to healing both physically but also emotionally.

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    Feb 23 2011: Great topic Steven.

    I agree with what you say about how the hands help to heal instead of essentially avoiding the underlying cause that short-term remedies such as surgery or pharma provide. The physical and mental body do not go deep enough in those instances to become fully aware of where or how the injury or dis-ease operates within them.

    I'm glad to see this thread here on TED as I have interests in studying massage therapy closer and am in the process of healing a disease.

    Do you have any specific experiences with Type-1 diabetics and massage healing?