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Where were you September 11? what was your reaction? and how do you plan on remembering it?

In the US, 9/11 was the day we were reminded of the fragility of life and confidence. It is a scar that will never heal. Where were you when you heard the news and how did it make you feel??


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  • Sep 5 2011: I was staying home "sick" that day. I can still remember that it was a bright sunny morning, with fluffy wisps of clouds in the sky, as I heard the news.

    "America Under Attack!"

    "Preposterous!" was my first response but then I saw footage of the planes flying into the buildings.

    At times, I wish I could say there was some deep emotional response but I really did not know what to think at the time. I was just numb.

    To be honest, after some time, I felt some relief after seeing only planes fly into buildings. The initial thought I had after hearing "America Under Attack!" was to assume that the United States was at war with another nation.

    If you think planes flying into buildings is bad, a full scale nuclear war is worse.

    I don't plan on remembering the event any more than that. The best thing I think everyone can do is continue to live their lives. I think it best the let the dead rest.
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      Sep 5 2011: Bob, that's real funny, I had the same feeling of relief after hearing it was planes hitting towers in NYC. I thought we were also under a full-out attack!

      I do think that we should remember 9/11 though because it's important to realize how close we were to having our entire futures changed as Americans. The 3rd stage of imperial decline is "denial of risk and peril", following "undisciplined pursuit of more". We dodged a bullet on 9/11. Let's never forget that
      • Sep 5 2011: But September 11 did change the future of the United States.

        The "War of Terrorism" would have never been declared thus resulting in the 10 year occupation of Afghanistan.

        It could also be argued that without the climate of fear generated by September 11, the United States might have not been so quick to invade Iraq. Maybe more people would have questioned the reasons for invasion.

        No, the terrorist attacks may not have killed millions of people but our future was changed and I do not think it was for the better.
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          Sep 5 2011: I agree with that. Im just saying it's a good thing to remember what 9/11 meant for US dominance. It meant we were/are vulnerable. And now with us losing our AAA credit rating and talks of our dollar being replaced as the reserve currency of the world, it's clear US isn't the same country she was in the 1900's

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