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State of mind ? Mental health issues ? A family members, a friend or just someone in the street! How do you cope with it, what can we do?

Many of us have their ways of dealing with mental health issue, this is a tabou subject. Even people that have a member of their family dealing with this issue don't want to talk about it ! Why is that ? What are we afraid of?

Can you suggest a way to better cope and actually help someone with that issue to go better, and by doing so, helping also yourself...need to share on this, is our society have a mental health problem, by not wanting to deal with this important issue ?!!

  • Sep 6 2011: HiI have schizophrenia and it is taboo to have. People think I may be violent or harm them in some way, this is far from the truth. Facts are that I work full time, own my own home and car and have alot of friends and family. I love being outdoors and do alot of camping and hiking. If you want to help people like me stop stereotyping us and stop stigmatizing us. We are not much different than the rest of you and perhaps have gifts you don't have.
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      Sep 6 2011: Hi James,

      Thanks for the reply ! On my hand, it's my brother that have schizophrenia, he lives in the street, take drugs, and don't have sometimes 3 meals a day ! So, I do not stereotyping no one, on the contrary, I wan to know how to cope with this "taboo suject", like you said, people do not comprehend, and don't know how to deal with this important issue.

      I want to be able to help as to be part of the solution ! I'm building up a foundation, F.I.S.H. Corporation that will target that issue, the committee of the governance, is being set-up to set-up programs to target, educate and solve it.

      If you have any suggestions, to provide me, please feel free !!

      Have a great dayt!

      • Sep 6 2011: People with mental issues need the same things as everyone else does, love, compassion, acceptance and a good support system. You can help your brother by not giving up on him and lending support where you can. Always remember to take care of yourself and your family first, he needs you healthy to help him.
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          Sep 7 2011: Thanks and note taking about taking care of myself, I did took a class, about family members that have someone dealing with mental health, and told me the same....I can forget at time, but yes, when I put it in practice...I can focus on the foundation, getting the right people on board to accelerate the process of healing.

          Have a great one and many thanks, it help lots !!
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        Sep 6 2011: You gave the answer yourself: educate the lot it will help a little.
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          Sep 7 2011: Yes, ok Frans, I'm working on it ! Do you know of any program of education that effective or any ideas ?

          Cheers !!
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        Sep 7 2011: Mireille,
        I can't think of an easy way but a few things that are done in Holland.First thing is to bring those with a mental disorder closer to the people, give them a face. Television is the best medium for this.
        Here on TV we see between programs some 1 minute clips in which they illuminate unknown problems or disorders of a social, mental or medical kind and on a positive way. Something like: what it is, how they cope, what it does to relatives and people around that person, how they handle it. What care is needed and what can be done for those people to make the best of their possibilities. And not the least: what kind of problems they have to deal with.About the same is done in 1 hour programs with a storyline and a bit of voyeurism but it gives the possibility to put oneself in that place and empathize.

        Another thing especially for mental disorders the police is given a course were they learn to recognize this with special instructions in how to deal with it. Every corps has one specialist that is thoroughly familiar with it. Result is that they are treated as patients and not as criminals.

        Medication however can do a lot for most of the patients to make their lives livable.
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          Sep 11 2011: Thanks for the input Frans!!

          Medication, education, and helping them finding a solution ! We are getting somewhere !!
  • Sep 7 2011: Mental health refers to our cognitive, and/or emotional wellbeing - it is all about how we think, feel and behave. Mental health, if somebody has it, can also mean an absence of a mental disorder. Approximately 25% of people in the UK have a mental health problem during their lives. The USA is said to have the highest incidence of people diagnosed with mental health problems in the developed world. Your mental health can affect your daily life, relationships and even your physical health. Mental health also includes a person's ability to enjoy life - to attain a balance between life activities and efforts to achieve psychological resilience.

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      Sep 11 2011: 25% in the UK, my God this is major numbers of people, that sad !

      Thanks for the info Daniel !

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      Sep 11 2011: Whats modavigil ????
      • Sep 19 2011: Modavigil is a medicine for people who fall asleep all day and sleep for a very long time (narcolepsy). Modavigil is the Australian brand name. The drug name is Modafinil. Modafinil is the drug that keeps them awake. The website will be referring patients to online pharmacies where they can purchase the drug.Just additional information related to meantal problems...
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          Sep 20 2011: Thank you Daniel T., great information, I appreciate it !!

          Cheers !!
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    Oct 4 2011: Find a fun way to unwind and a good shrink. We may be called names, ridiculed and labelled but some of us (therapists and almost-there-ones) do actually help. Friends have played a great role in my personal recovery from everything.
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    Sep 10 2011: Mental health is an internal problem everybody deals with. Its a mental unbalance. The inability to cope with an issue no matter what it is is a problem that each individual has to deal with. The only way to help a person with a mental illness is to get them to understand there problem and offer solutions to cope with it. However not everybody will want help or realize its even being given. I cope by realizing that not everybody can be helped. Its enough that we try our best to do so. Offering solutions is one of many ways we cope.
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      Sep 11 2011: Really great advice Michael, thanks a lot ! Buy helping them find a solution, its help them to take a load off!! Great tips !

      I will apply it

      Cheers !!
    • Sep 19 2011: Hi Michael
      Mental illness is not a charactor flaw or an issue we have to deal with, it is a disease of the brain. The chemicals are out of balance, they don't fire nor do they recieve messages correctly. The only way to get this under control is with medication, then maybe you can deal with some issues. I had a great childhood and so far a great adult life, I am 50 years old, no issues to deal with yet I have schizphrenia.
  • Sep 7 2011: Hi Again

    Medication is what helped me recover but it took a lot more. I had to learn social skills over again, learn cocnitive skills over again and much more. I did want to say that NAMI is a good organization for information, it's the National Alliance for the Menatally Ill. Also if you have public service announcements try to get one, i did. We got a billboard campaign saying drop the labels going and hopefully it will be effective.
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      Sep 11 2011: HI James,

      I will definetly check out NAMI, I did not know about them !

      Wow, you impress me, learning all that back again, you have great will power !

      I want to do a Salon on Mental Health, so that people can as you said "drop the labels", I will get artist, testimony, of people that have it, and can still contribute to our society !! I'll keep you posted !

      Thanks for the tips and may God continue to bless you, your family and love ones!!

      • Sep 19 2011: NAMI offers a class called Family to Family for people with a loved one with a mental illness. It offers lots of information which leads to better understanding of the illness and the person with the lillness. The class serves as support during its 12 weeks. NAMI also offers support groups for family and for persons with an illness. All of the services are free.
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          Sep 19 2011: Thank you Sue, I will take great deal to look this NAMI information !!

          I'm preparing a team to set-up a programs that will served both the families and the person with the mental illness.

          Thanks for sharing !

          Be blessed