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What about your idea on the greatest of all existential questions: What is the meaning of life?

My answer will probably call up other questions, but I can only applaud that. Each individual comes to the world in a certain context, a certain time and culture, where it gets meaning. Despite the context in which a person comes into the world and lives his life, he is not completely left to the circumstances. He can become aware of his situation and experience a lack of meaning when life confronts him in this respect. Due to this the person can start cherishing the desire to change things in his life. The ideas and dreams that appear to us during such moments and the values that we want to follow give meaning to our life. From these events we obtain new insight in our situation. In other words: our situation gets a new meaning in light of such events. Feel free to share your ideas on this.


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  • Sep 5 2011: My meaning in life is to empower.

    It is my belief that anything can be achieved by empowerment. We can solve anything if we show others how to do it. By motivating others, we not only create a ripple effect in the world, but our empowerment also reflects back, lifting ourselves to greatness.

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