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Humility..............What do you think it is ?

It occurred to me while listening to the mentioned video, that the person who is compassionate must also be humble. So let us talk about our ideas of what humility means.


Closing Statement from Helen Hupe

How can I pick when there are so many astute observations on the subject of humility ? I have sort of firmed up my definition of humility........."It is the ability to recognize one's proper place in the order of things". But it is impossible to say what you think in one measly sentence. I cannot name all the people who had wonderful contributions to the conversation, but I have to mention Signor Vampa,Jim Moonan, Silvia, Mireila, and on and on. Thank Giselle for introducing the idea that one must not require humility in order to converse with another. That would really be arrogant. Good wishes to all and I hope we meet again.

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    Sep 8 2011: or even better, to step back from yourown place and time and consider the world from another point of view

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