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Should early education involve technology?

Is it right for a child to know how to unlock an iphone before they can speak or do simple maths and should we be encouraging this behaviour.

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    Sep 5 2011: I think it's useful when technology improves education for example, it's good to make a child read a story on IPad rather than play games on it,
    young children love to discover things and technology open that to them. it's useful and funny to merge technology and education with in limits.
    my little brother knew where are his primary school on GPS before he knew how to get there !!
    it's cool.
  • Sep 22 2011: We live in the 21st century world, where technology are part of the environment. Everywhere we go, there are technologies around us, our mobile phones, televisions, computers, ipads etc..We can't escape from technologies, its part of our daily life. As children, they are very curious about their environment. They are natural explorers. I think it is alright if a child knows how to unlock an iPhone before they can speak or do simple maths as it is part of their environment. This shows that the child have an environmental awareness as he/she is very aware of the environment therefore he/she have natural curiosity and wants to explore it.

    Technology can also enhanced children's understanding about the world around them as it can be used as a learning tool with a guidance of an adult.

    On the other hand, the usage of iPhone (or any other technologies: television etc) excessively, are not good for children as it will result them to have shorter attention span.

    Therefore I think technology should be used moderately. Don't totally deny the usage of technology in the children's life and also don't let the children use it excessively without a guidance from an adult.
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    Sep 9 2011: Definitely. It's the new gen!!
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    Sep 5 2011: I am a mother of two, who loves technology. However, I feel that knowing how to interact properly with humans is a very important skill that parents need to model for their children.

    That being said, I do allow my children to use our iPod touch for educational resources. My four-year-old uses it for about 5-10 minutes a day to learn basic literacy skills in English and French. She calls it "playing" although she has learned her letters in two languages and is now learning about rhyming and spelling.

    As a teacher, I feel it is important to consider the amazing benefits that such devices can yield for young learners. The educational resources that are available is amazing. From fraction games to graphing calculators for math, letter tracing to touchy books for literacy, the possibilities for improving literacy in its multiple forms via apps is endless.
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    Sep 3 2011: I do not think young children should be taught to use a calculator or computer to do their math or spelling and grammar; they need to know how to do that themselve first. I also don't believe parents should allow their elementary school age children to own their own cell phone either. Guess I'm old school.
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    Sep 3 2011: I think what's important is to keep the child in balance between using technology and hands on experience. It's kind of though I realize because babies tend to become stubborn on using that which pleases them the most, but it's also good to teach them to let go of something. Teaching the new technologies is a must, but still shouldn't dwell them entirely into it or they would become too dependent as todays race has become.
  • Sep 3 2011: I suppose it depends on the technology and age.

    I think most people would find it acceptable to teach children how to operate light switches.

    Now if your house light switches are activated via IPhone, maybe it would be a good idea to encourage the use of such technology.

    I imagine a lot of children will soon be growing up with touch screen technology over the tradition pencil and paper. Is that good? I do not know.
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    Sep 24 2011: I get to see technology and younger children some days when I am teaching. I work in an independent study program and parents bring their precious little ones in while older siblings are under instruction. Technology to them is just part of the world and they enjoy and learn about the world through it. Technology will give younger children a broader view of the world and with email etc. they can even interact with others in different parts of the world. There are classrooms that do that and have been doing it for years. The kids that do that love it and are excited about school because of it and develop friends all over the world. Yet, technology will never replace a child just wandering around and exploring the world in their own way. The only caution I can see is that we make sure they get away from technology and go out and get hands on experience with the wonderful universe we live in and that we protect them from things like porn etc.
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    Sep 22 2011: Technology represents the 'tools' of today. Yes, I think we should teach them or allow them to teach us might be more accurate, how to use all of these tools while ensuring that they have the skills of human interaction as well. As to them using technology before they can speak or do math, I cannot see a downside. Thinking is thinking and if a child is able to -let them lead you!
  • Sep 20 2011: I feel that the more we give children advanced technology to learn from the more they are isolated from what is happening around them.

    If this trend continues and more and more of our educational tools resort back to a computer or ipad or some other device I think that children will miss out on the fundamental skills of human interaction and conversation.

    So I guess my answer is No I don't believe children should learn from technology it should be the teachers using the technology to become more knowledgably to then pass onto the children at least until they are out of primary school.