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How is Quora any different/better than TED Conversations?

Have just started using TED conversations and am wondering if anyone has tried & is tired of either sites yet?

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    Feb 24 2011: I am new to both so I may be missing something. My initial reaction is that TED seems to be more focused on conversations versus answers. I hope TED Conversations can get some good ideas for tools from Quora since they have many good tools that TED is lacking at the moment.
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    Feb 22 2011: From my limited observation, TED Conversations really serve to use TED's preexisting "platform" (TED talks and TED speakers, soon TED books I'm sure) as a springboard for generating conversations. You don't necessarily have to link a TED talk to a discussion but people who visit TED are primarily here because they are attracted to the TED brand.

    Quora on the other hand, has its user-generated content as the "platform", and as such a site can have endless platforms, can have a different "feel" to a user depending on what topic they're navigating. For example when I'm reading topics in Armchair philosophy I feel like I'm learning from a very different crowd than when I'm reading about which startups are overrated and would fizzle out (please not Quora). Yet I can see some of the same people from different crowds dropping in on a question about children-parent relationships or why we can't seem to give up a bad habit.

    Quora to me has an intimate "café" atmosphere that many social networking studs rave about but such intimacy is difficult to replicate. But maybe this is just me, there may be someone who finds TED very intimate and Quora vastly impersonal. I find Quora very user friendly even with "Anon Users" and editorial oversight, and I'm a late comer to Quora (10^6th+ member) but have settled in very quickly.
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      Feb 23 2011: It's interesting, because I find TED to be more intimate than Quora. I will admit, however, that I have a large emotional and time investment in things TED related, so that probably explains the difference in my own viewpoint.