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Can freedom be itself an end? Or is freedom a means to an end?

I love traveling and meeting new people on the road. I also love wandering around and getting out of my comfort zone because the unfamiliar circumstances demand that I make my choices and take control of my life. Traveling to me means that I get to decide what I want to eat, when I want to sleep, and whom I want to walk with. Traveling means freedom and empowerment.

But I'd really like to know more than just the fact that I like to be free.
Why do we want freedom (if it's not so unreasonable to assume that we prefer freedom to oppression)?
Can freedom be an end itself?

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    Sep 3 2011: Hi Seo, you could well be right.
    We're all unique creatures with our abilities and shortcomings. Our desire is to unfold our potential and in doing so diminish our limitations. This desire can only be fulfilled if we aren't hindered, bound and limited by authorities and/or circumstances.
    Only in freedom can we find peace of mind and be in harmony with the world.
    I wish you all freedom and a good use of it in that sense that to be free is giving also all freedom to all sentient beings.
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      Sep 4 2011: Thanks Frans :)
      It seems to me that you are saying that freedom is a means to or a condition that must be fulfilled to make the best out of ourselves. I agree that we have a desire to accomplish or get over our imposed limits, but then do you mean that freedom is not or cannot be the ultimate end itself? It would be great if you clarify a bit for me :)
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        Sep 5 2011: Freedom is a mean to express most fully what we're made for. Doing this gives ultimate joy as you can observe with men as with other animals. The end of it is to develop our potential to new levels and ways to expand consciousness.
        I always love to see sea-gulls that take a lift in the air with a stiff breeze. They hang and glide on the winds and enjoying life at its fullest by practicing what they can do best.
        I hope this makes sense to you.