Dustin Huibregtse

Technology Consultant, Deloitte Consulting


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Do you believe the upcoming "divorce generation" will have adverse or positive affects on our future?

The divorce generation has been highlighted in many scholarly articles and books as the large upcoming generation (most likened to Gen Y) with divorced parents. With the divorce rate holding steady at 50 percent, the "divorce generation" is quite large and all share a common connection.

Being a child of a separated family, I have continually noticed the difficulties and challenges in my personal life, especially in developing relationships with others. It took a long time to overcome this challenge. Besides this, watching my sister and my twin brother develop and change has been very interesting. I've had the chance to witness how they have coped with a lot of the common issues this generation faces: very early independence, temporary "loss" of parents during divorce proceedings, and the consistent need to manage parent's expectations of you and their association with each other.

So I am curious: with this upcoming generation and their connection, do you believe that there is going to be adverse or positive affects on our society? How about our future generations? Do you think there is any connection worth noting? Maybe in your belief the divorce generation doesn't have any great difference in behavior than the non-divorce generation.

Answers that I am looking for are is your opinion on this "common connection" and if you believe it may actually affect our world in 10 to 15 years when this generation begins to marry and have children of their own.