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What does your world look like?

Hypothetically, if you were given a new planet that was habitable and sustainable, what would your world look like? What would you do in your world?

  • Sep 7 2011: My world would look exactly like earth except it would be in perfect balance with nature. We are an invasive species to say the least so my world would have a lot less people.
  • Sep 3 2011: Out of all my worlds, I would have to say this one (Earth) is the best. Such a range of ecosystems. We have the best of everything with such diversity.

    The only problem are the number of sentient inhabitants. Their claims on the regions and the war from the disputes has desaturated the inherent beauty. (to say nothing of the black rock and tar spewed across the ground)
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    Sep 7 2011: Welcome to my world: http://vbox7.com/play:c31cf1d9 :)
  • Sep 3 2011: I was sent to a world with pigs that turned into trees - and a telepathic virus