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The leader or the follower?

With any idea or movement, the leader stands out as the core, the person who deserves credit for all. We commend leaders and and aspire to be them. The followers, however, get the short end of the stick. People do not realize that followers often emulate other followers, not leaders. They can relate to followers and receive motivation more easily. Nevertheless, leaders are necessary. They create the ideas. But what idea can grow without the follower?

Who, in your opinion, is more important: the leader or the follower?


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    Sep 4 2011: There is no greater person. They are a team working to get a specific job done. The leader is the one who should be organizing the events and protecting the people who do the work. The leader is the one who should be last in line at meal time, who should be the person who gets the things that the others need to complete the task. A follower is one who is comfortable doing the task assigned and accepts that position. Each person is the leader and the follower in their area of expertise. The problem is that we have been brain washed by media et al that the leader is the one who gets all the credit. Napoleon would be nothing with out his army, Astronauts would be nothing with out the people who build the rockets and space ships, Hospitals would not function with out nurses, aides, administrative folks and janitors etc. The leader carries the burden of making sure it all works together but with out the people he/she is nothing at all. It is a team all the time all the way. TAke a look at the TV show "Under cover Boss and you will see how leaders change when they understand the impact of what they do. At least that is my opinion.
    • Sep 5 2011: Should we start referring to them otherwise?

      Supervisors, facilitators, chemists, motivators...these seem like more exact titles

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