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The leader or the follower?

With any idea or movement, the leader stands out as the core, the person who deserves credit for all. We commend leaders and and aspire to be them. The followers, however, get the short end of the stick. People do not realize that followers often emulate other followers, not leaders. They can relate to followers and receive motivation more easily. Nevertheless, leaders are necessary. They create the ideas. But what idea can grow without the follower?

Who, in your opinion, is more important: the leader or the follower?


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  • Sep 2 2011: it's at the very least a percentage base formula, what use is a leader with few followers?
    • Sep 2 2011: True, do you think that is dependent on whether or not the leader can draw large crowds? Or does it have to do with something else entirely?
      • Sep 3 2011: well IMO a *good* leader by definition can draw crowds, keeping the crowd I think depends equally on the adversary though.

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