Fengbin (Kathy) Zhao

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Ideas worth spreading, what is the depth and scope of spreading a specific idea?

When I watch a speech, the idea in this speech has been spreaded to me.

But, to what degree that I can understand this speech? Are there common misunderstanding about an idea? What are some debates on this idea? How can I transform the inspired ideas into something relevant to me?

I am sure that some functions of TED are helpful. Still, I am wondering how TED can do a better job.

For any speech, there must be people who come from the same field, they might be clearer about the assumpiton and background of the topic, compared to outsiders. I certainly hope to see their comments in a specific place, with some structures.

It would be also interesting to see how one has benefited from a talk. For example, I have a lot to say on the topic of data-visualization.

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    Sep 12 2011: i would say it depends on the depth and scope of the idea and who it was intended for. the responsibility lies with both the person sending the idea and the person or persons receiving it. i would say.
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    Sep 12 2011: Hello Kathy. The depth and scope is dynamic as it is part of the building block of our consciousness and thought process which ultimately end with our choices.

    To me, my structure is in the power of our hearts to care and the power of our minds to understand forging to expound our ideals of hope, trust and care in a system of freedom, justice and truth.