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How Do We Teach Children Compassion and Empathy?

Joan proposes that if compassion is so good for us, why don't we teach it to our children? But how is this done? What are your ideas? What has worked in your experience?


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    Sep 17 2011: I think doing charity work from a young age and exposing kids to documentaries are small steps. But anything you try and stuff down kids throats they often will rebel against, I found my empathy on my own. and I do think there are innate abilities within us to be more or less empathic biologically- Basically though if they are treated kindly and with boundaries and understanding, I think kids would be more likely to have compassion towards others, if they are socialized and then acceptance is re-enforced from a very young age with all parents being involved and doing the same instead of parents judgements rubbing off on them, it can make for more well rounded young adults as they progress through adolescence. Sadly, it is also taught when children are ostracized to some degree they in turn, as adults have a better understanding of compassion since they have experienced the hardships themselves.

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