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Can there be a science called innovation science?

Statistics is an independent subject, and it has been applied in other subjects.

Learning science is an independent science, and it is about learning every subject.

What about innovation? Are there abstracted patterns about generating innovations?

Can we discover the shared patterns of generating innovations? And integrate the transferable knowledge and skills with each field?

If we can develop such a science, I believe that learning science would be its twin-science.

Collective innovating is highly similiar to individual learning.
Analogy reasoning plays an important role in both innovating and learning.

The relationships between inspiration, creativity, innovation might hint some patterns.

Knowledge building emphasizes: today's best practice will not be tomorrow's best practice.


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  • Sep 26 2011: Kathy,

    Check out Stephen Johnson's History of Innovtion (Where Good Ideas Come From). It shed a lot of light on my own ideas and delivers exactly what it promises. Well worth reading slowly..

    Hopefully that read will answer your question. His concepts are something I've been endeavouring to employ for as long as I can remember!


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