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What are a few things your country could learn from other countries?

There are many ideas which a country may too readily vilify or praise without looking outside of its own borders where some of these ideas will have been tried and tested. Look outside your country and go hunting for great ideas.


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    Sep 9 2011: Hi everybody,

    First, by "learn" here I mean "would be great if my country adopted best practices of ... but it never did"
    I wish it did.
    But it's complicated.
    Even when it comes to the best idea or practice, we have to understand - what works for one country doesn't work for another. And sometimes it shouldn't.
    And many roads lead to Rome - where "Rome" is the place where everyone is happy, healthy, wealthy and moral.
    So, we adopt practices - it takes ages to shift and evolve. We adopt ideas - it takes ages to soak in. (Agree with Frans! - it doesn't happen automatically, overnight) With some ideas and practices it's easier, some - impossible, depending on the size of the gap and - the common sense.
    Theoretically, however, I wish my country Russia could learn how to respect the human right of an individuum, to tolerate the differences, to focus on improving the environment and quality of life, to preserve green - from my country the Netherlands.
    My country the Netherlands ... I wish it could learn how to feel and share with others, to live as a community, to bring ethics into daily matters, to dig deeper into human soul - from my country Russia

    And then comes health care, technology, laws, windmills and roads.

    We are - the countries, aren't we? I think we are learning, slowly. We started with cuisine :)

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