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What are a few things your country could learn from other countries?

There are many ideas which a country may too readily vilify or praise without looking outside of its own borders where some of these ideas will have been tried and tested. Look outside your country and go hunting for great ideas.


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      Sep 3 2011: Looks like propaganda to me!
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      Sep 3 2011: I think we have nothing to learn from a man who employs mercenaries to kill his own people and who is being overthrown by popular protests (can't say his own people like him can we?).
      • Sep 3 2011: perhaps, but isn't it typical for an aggressor to declare some "lunatic tyrant" that the world needs to be saved from... is it not also typical for the current world powers to play the sort of black ops campaign eluded to in the video?

        I've only met one Libyan in my life, but he was singing gaddafi's praises about 10 years ago, in much the same way an American would have JFK. Besides mass-media which I don't trust any further than could throw, his is the only relevant input I've heard before this video.

        What creditable links do you have to prove the protesters are not influenced by the world powers? a quick google of "Lybia loan" will show you a shocking (if unknown) financial backing.
        • Sep 3 2011: Libya is a wealthy country, yet it's people are poor, under educated, have terrible health care situations, etc, etc. With a population of only 6 million people and the wealth of the country, do you really believe that Libya should not have been the shining example of Africa?

          How about basic human rights? How do you think that was under this Dictator? The man you met ten years ago...How old was he? I am assuming he never knew a different way of life and grew up with the propaganda.

          If you are going to try to educate people, I would advise ensuring that your information is credible to start with.
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          Sep 3 2011: How are you so out of touch with reality? NATO is only backing an honest desire of the people to move Gaddafi out. He got where he is by military coup. He organized the death of many of his opponents. Most importantly, he slaughtered peaceful protesters in ways that even Mubarack next door wouldn't have dared. We call him a lunatic because he is!
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          Sep 3 2011: Hitler had some really nice government policies too, didn't justify the killings. It's too easy when you only focus on certain things.
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          Sep 3 2011: I can't even believe we're even discussing this.
      • Sep 3 2011: Wow, for people claiming my facts are incorrect you sure are leaving your posts void of any. Have you been to Libya? You seem to think you know the people well, do they confide in you or is it just your moral superiority?

        I am out of touch on a great many things.... but if you think your fully in touch I'm sure your sadly mistaken. At least I try to keep an open mind - your biases are quite clear.

        I challenge your statements about Libya. For being undereducated, Wikipedia shows they have free and mandatory education (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Education_in_Libya - though it doesn't mention how that education compares) About the poor health care you mention wikipedia also seems to disagree with you yet again (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_in_Libya) Furthermore (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Libya) shows that they have such a shortage of people without jobs they need to import labor from other countries... Likely the starters of the rebelion.

        and FYI my friend was old (sorry to those who this statement makes feel ancient ;) ) at least 60+, I'm sure he's been through at least one pre-gaddafi regime, and he had been in canada a while to compare the different systems too.

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